RMHC Facts

RMHC Augusta is celebrating 30 years of being a "home away from home" for families seeking medical treatment for their sick or injured child. We have helped over 16,500 families, since we opened our doors in 1984.

In 2014, we served 631 families.

It's easy to give to RMHC Augusta! You can donate online, drop your spare change in a donation box at McDonald's, donate goods or services, or volunteer your time.

Guest Information

We Are In This Together

When things really work well the Ronald McDonald House is like a family, with everyone helping to make the House a positive, supportive, safe and loving place. Therefore, as a guest, we need to ask for your help.

The purpose of the House is to provide a safe, secure, affordable, temporary home away from home for the parents or other legal guardians of children who travel to Augusta for medical care. All first time Room Requests must be made by a hospital representative. If you are interested in staying at the Ronald McDonald House of Augusta, please speak with a Social worker or medical personnel at the hospital your child will be visiting. Guests, in good standing, may self-refer for return visits within 12 months of their last stay.

You are eligible to stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Augusta if:

  • Your child is receiving medical treatment at an Augusta area medical facility.
  • You live outside a 25-mile radius of Augusta.
  • Your child is 21 years of age or younger. During their stay, guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an approved adult.

Admissions Priority/Length of Stay

In order to serve families with the most immediate and urgent needs and to assure a positive environment for all guests, RMHCA at its sole discretion will determine:

  • The priority with which room requests will be filled, the duration of any guest's stay, and the room assignment is determined by the Manager on Duty the day before expected arrival.
  • Guests may be required to move to a different room. In case of a room change, we will try to give guests adequate advance notice, however, guests may be required to move within four (4) hours of RMHCA's request.

Check-In Procedures

  • Once a Room Request has been received, families are asked to call the House the night before your arrival between 6-8 pm to confirm you are coming and to learn of room availability.
  • Check in before 8 pm on the date of your arrival.
  • At registration, guests will be required to provide identification information/documents. This may include a driver's license/state ID and social security card or a visa/passport or other identification, phone number(s) and proof of permanent address. (Note: No attempt is made to validate citizenship or visa status. Documentation is required for identification purposes only.)
  • At the time of registration, each family must have at least one family member age 13 or older who is fluent in English (or a translator) present to assist with registration. Please inform the House prior to your arrival if you need assistance providing an interpreter.
  • At the time of registration, you must provide an expected check-out date. If your plans change, please let us know immediately.

Length of Stay

  • Out Patients - Out patients may stay at the Ronald McDonald House for a period of 24 hours on either side of their medical appointments.
  • In patients - In patient's families may stay at the Ronald McDonald House for the length of their child's stay in the hospital

We Provide:

  • Affordable, temporary housing for families of sick children.
  • Kitchen and food storage facilities for guest use.
  • Frequent meals provided by community volunteers and businesses. These meals, however, are not guaranteed to be available.
  • Free Laundry facilities and detergent.
  • Cab vouchers to provide 1 trip/day to GHS Children's Medical Center for our families without transportation.
  • Free or reduced rate passes to family-oriented recreational facilities.
  • Emergency supplies of shampoo, soap, tooth brushes, etc.
  • Cribs and roll away beds (if room large enough).
  • Free local phone service. Please give the phone number and extension to your room to family, friends, and hospital staff.
  • Internet and computer access.
  • Free parking beside the House.

Please check with the front desk for details about services or if you need other assistance.

Guests Provide:

  • We ask for a $20 per night contribution. It costs the House $79 per room, per day to operate. Guests can help with these costs. We accept cash, check, and credit cards. However, no family is ever turned away because of inability to pay.
  • Care for your own children.

Check Out

Please let us know as soon as you know your check-out date. Please follow these check-out procedures:

  • Strip beds and bring towels/linens (including bedspread if soiled) to the laundry on the first floor.
  • Make bed with spread only (if clean, otherwise add to dirty linens).
  • Pick up all trash from floor, beds, and furniture. Take trash to receptacle located at the back of the House.
  • Empty food, milk, and medicine from refrigerators (in the kitchen and mini fridge) and pantries.
  • Check for any belongings under the bed, in drawers, and in the laundry.
  • Turn off alarm clock.
  • Turn out lights/lock door.
  • Complete Guest Survey and note anything that needs repairing in your room.
  • Return key cards to front desk.

Overall Philosophy and Policies

At any time, up to eleven (11) families are sharing the facility. Everyone, including staff, volunteers, guests and authorized visitors must cooperate to assure that the House is a safe and comfortable place for families to stay. Therefore, it is critical that:

  • Guests and their authorized visitors continuously adhere to both the letter and the spirit of all Ronald McDonald House policies and procedures. They must conduct themselves in a manner that is wholesome, supportive of a communal, family-oriented living environment and that assures the safety and comfort of all guests.
  • The child's parents or guardian and other family members staying at the House must be actively involved in visiting the hospitalized child, generally at least once per day, or in caring for the patient or his/her siblings who are staying at the House.
  • The Ronald McDonald House is operated by Ronald McDonald House Charities of Augusta (RMHCA), a private, non-profit organization, as a temporary home-away-from-home. RMHCA retains sole discretion for granting permission for individuals to be Guests or Authorized Visitors. RMHCA representatives may cancel or restrict this permission at any time, with or without cause. Violation of House policies may lead to a warning, stay-related restrictions or immediate dismissal of all or some of the Guests in your family group.
  • A guest asked to vacate the premises generally will be required to checkout by noon of the next day.
  • At its sole discretion, RMHCA may determine that the well-being of the House and its guests requires that a Guest vacate the premises immediately.
  • Unless otherwise agreed by RMHCA, a visitor asked to leave the premises must do so immediately.

Continuing Use of Guest Rooms/Occupancy

  • If a guest must be absent from the House, the staff must be notified and guests must obtain approval to hold a room for longer than 24 hours. If a guest requests to be absent from the House for greater than 24 hours, RMHCA reserves the right to ask the guest to check out and then check back in.
  • Unless previous arrangements have been made with RMHCA Staff, any room that has been unoccupied for more than 24 hours may be deemed abandoned.
  • If you leave or abandon items of value, such as clothing, RMHCA will try to identify and notify the owner. After 30 days, RMHCA reserves the right to dispose of abandoned items.
  • RMHCA has the right to re-evaluate a guest's need for a room periodically. Guests may be required to provide proof of a current permanent residence as a condition of continued stay.

Staff Access to Guest Rooms

  • RMHCA staff or designees may enter any room at any time for purposes of maintenance, to assure compliance with policies and procedures or for other operational purposes. Staff will knock prior to entry and will attempt not to inconvenience guests. Staff may confiscate prohibited items such as food or items that present a health or safety hazard from guest rooms.
  • Although we attempt to provide a safe and secure environment, please be aware that we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged valuables left unattended in your room or anywhere on RMHCA premises. Please keep your room locked at all times.

Respect for Other Guests and RMHCA Property

Guests are asked to treat other guests and staff with courtesy and compassion. The following behaviors are prohibited:

  • Drunken or otherwise chemically impaired behavior.
  • Loud conversations, music, TV or other noise that can be heard in public areas or that may disturb others.
  • Sexual behavior in public spaces, including outdoor areas and automobiles on premises.
  • Verbal or other behavior that may be viewed as offensive to others because of references to religion, ethnic or racial background, sexual orientation or because of profane or sexual content, etc.
  • Public use of TV, videos, internet, electronic games, etc., that contain R-rated/Youth Restricted, or other offensive content.
  • Invasion of privacy through unwanted discussion of a child's condition, a family's personal situation or through attempts at religious proselytizing.
  • Solicitation of guests, volunteers, visitors or staff for money or other goods.
  • Unauthorized use or removal of, or damage to, RMHCA or another guest's property, including food and beverages. Guest may be charged for damage to, or loss of, RMHCA property.

Quiet hours are strictly observed between 9 pm and 9 am.

Cleanliness, Kitchen and Housekeeping

Absolutely NO FOOD or DRINKS are allowed in the bedrooms. Food and drinks are to remain in the kitchen and dining rooms or the playground/courtyard. We expect all trash to be placed in appropriate receptacles (we are not trying to be difficult, but it is the only way that we can control those aggressive Georgia bugs)

Kitchen rules require all guests to:

  • Wash hands with soap before using the kitchen and frequently when using raw meat/poultry, eggs, etc.
  • Use disposable gloves when handling "House" food or other food that will be shared by other families. Dispose of gloves after use.
  • Persons with colds, coughs, stomach flu or other infectious diseases should not handle community food and he/she must not use public areas such as the family room, dining rooms, children's play area, library, etc.
  • Properly store and label all food, with name, room number and date. (Labels/markers are provided in kitchen drawer.)
  • Unless authorized by another guest, use ONLY your own food or "House" food.
  • Completely clean up after using the kitchen area. Wipe counters/tables. Place dirty dishes in the dishwasher. If dishwasher is full of clean dishes, please empty. Hand wash pots/pans.
  • If your start the dishwasher, only use detergent made specifically for dishwashers.
  • Communal refrigerators are cleaned periodically. RMHCA reserves the right to dispose of any unlabeled, out-of-date or otherwise potentially hazardous food.
  • Store medications and breast milk only in the mini fridges provided by the House.


If your child is particularly susceptible to infectious diseases (for example, transplant and chemotherapy patients), please ask your medical provider whether your child/you should stay at the House. Note: RMCHA assumes no liability for an illness or injury a guest or visitor sustains during his/her stay.

  • Guests must provide requested health information prior to scheduling a room and/or registering at the House.
  • Guests who have or have been exposed to diseases such as e-coli, meningitis, measles, chicken pox, skin rashes, tuberculosis, whooping cough, RSV, mumps, hepatitis, conjunctivitis, head or body lice, scabies or other illnesses that may put others at risk, must notify RMHCA prior to scheduling a stay or as soon as the guest is aware of the illness/exposure.

Guests who suspect that they have head or body lice, fleas, scabies or similar problems must immediately notify the House staff and will be required to document proof of treatment and room cleaning measures.

  • At the request of RMHCA, a guest may be required to seek medical care and provide documentation that it is appropriate for them to remain in the House.
  • In the interest of health and hygiene, guests are required to maintain their rooms and communal areas in a clean and reasonably neat fashion.
  • Guests must wash hands after bathroom use and before handling "House" food/kitchen utensils.
  • Guests must wear shoes (slippers) and shirts in kitchen, halls and other public areas.

Safety and Security

  • Policies and procedures regarding safety and security will be strictly enforced.
  • In the interest of the protection and comfort of all guests, House Staff will call the police when safety or security threats arise.

An adult must supervise all guests and visitors under the age of 18. Children under the age of 13 must have direct adult supervision (in the same room with the child) at all times. (Note: While we attempt to provide a safe environment for children, this is NOT a childproof facility.) Dangerous play, including running in the House, playing on/jumping from the stairs, the throwing of hard or sharp objects or the unsupervised use of paints, clay or other materials that can damage House property is prohibited.


  • Please acquaint yourselves with the location of all exits.
  • In case of fire, serious illness, injury or other true emergencies, call 911. Also, notify the front desk if you can do so safely.
  • If the alarm sounds, or the staff announces an evacuation, use the nearest exit to leave the building. Please meet RMH staff in in front of the House on the sidewalk, so that we can attempt to account for all guests.
  • In case of a weather emergency, please follow RMH staff instructions.

The following are prohibited on RMHCA premises:

  • Guns, any other weapons, fireworks, alcoholic beverages, dangerous chemicals, and illegal drugs (or legal drugs for which the user does not have a legitimate prescription) are prohibited on the premises.
  • Physical or verbally threatening behavior, including physical discipline of children on our premises.
  • Smoking both inside and outside of the House, except in any designated smoking area.
  • Use of candles, incense, hot pots/plates, warming devices, space heaters or other flammable devices.
  • Animals (except therapeutic, guide or assistance animals with prior approval).
  • Propping open any door or window to the outside in a way that would allow unauthorized access.
  • Opening a fire door except for emergencies. These doors will trigger alarms.
  • Entertaining visitors past 9pm or before 9am in guest rooms or common areas of the House
  • Duplication of Keys

We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay At The Ronald McDonald House.

If We Can Be Of Any Further Assistance, Please Do Not Hesitate To Ask!